Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Twenty-First Caching Day of August

August Twenty-First SouvenirMy "Groundspeak's 31 Days of Geocaching" streak took a little kick today with two ice cream events (Ug – don't let me do that again) and three traditionals. My first find of the day was a quick park-and-grab titled "TelTwelve" (GC3T6VM) while waiting for my boss at a quick lunch meeting. Before I arrived at the "I Scream (for Ice Cream) w/ 10 Days Left!" (GC4H1F4) event I stopped for "Getting Back to Your Roots" (GC3PBN3). After a cup of ice cream I hit the road and "31DoG - August 3" (GC4GZVP) along my route to "The Eye Scream Social: Royal Oak" (GC4J4QD). Aside from a little tummy ache from more ice cream today than I usually eat in a year, I called it a pretty good caching and work day.

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