Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seventeenth Caching Day of August

International Geocaching DayToday was another busy day on my August caching calendar. I hit several caches (7 traditionals and a mutli-cache) this morning on my way to photograph a few fellow cachers as they tackled the Gladiator Rock 'n Run. Then it was halfway across town to attend the "S'more Caching Flash Mob" (GC4HQVR). There I met some new cachers who were attending their first event and we went after three unpublished caches, two more tradtionals, and connected with another couple to complete a puzzle. Then it was time to head back home to connect with my fellow host on the "GeoGearHeads." The Bad Cop was manning a booth for the podcasts at the "Geocaching Block Party 2013" so I connected through a Google+ Hangout On Air to record a little special update. It was great to connect an get a little feel for the Block Party and (as always) I hope to attend in person next year. What a busy International Geocaching Day!

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