Friday, August 9, 2013

Ninth Caching Day of August

August Ninth SouvenirThe "Groundspeak's 31 Days of Geocaching" streak continued on Friday as I traveled to the West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h. The long drive didn't have many rest area caches so I only hit one cache along the route. Fortunately the rest area had a pair of geocaches as the one near the parking lot – "RS - WB94 - 818 - The Jackson Area" (GC41QW5) – seems to have gone missing (though the logs from the previous day indicated that the container had been replaced I didn't see those logs from my older Pocket Query and gave up thinking it was missing completely). The second cache in that rest area – "RS - WB94 - 818 - Grass Lake Rest Area" (GC41QWD) – was a quick easy one which I grabbed after looking for something much more complex than it was.

That was the only cache I hit on the road with the rest being in West Bend, Wisconsin. I met up with polkajen and pulda1 at one of this year's excellent hides – "1301 German U-Boat" (GC4FA49). Then it was back to the registration and a puzzle cache (GC4E1BC) from this year's event cache slate. polkajen was really excited to have pulda1 and I attempt a night cache she had done the year before. So they went off for dinner and I hit some more caches (GC1BGR9, GC1F6RY, GC31VW4, and GCQVZJ). We connected again at "The Red Herring Urban Night Cache" (GC1VPRZ) and spent more than hour running around on that cache before standing around and talking with some cachers from Delaware. Overall a great caching day despite the more than seven hours on the road.

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