Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meeting with Scott & Walt

I mentioned earlier the chance I had at the "West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h 2013" to finally meet Scott Berks and Walt Grogan. It was the first time we'd met in person despite having talked several times through email and on a few of the shows I'd produced ("CAM Ep. 219: scottberks," "CAM Ep. 222: Shazamman," and "CRT Ep. 32: Wherigo (November 2010)"). This time is was my turn to be on their "Chicago Geocacher" show ("86: For the Third Time! Live from the West Bend Cache Ba$h!"). During that interview Scott and I talked about being a Podcaster and Geocacher, and he even got me to swear on microphone!

Walt, Darryl, and Scott

The highlight for me was taking off after that recording for lunch at their West Bend tradition (burgers at Toucan Food & Custard) and a power trail just outside town. With them, polkajen, and pulda1 (caching as the "Podcast Crew," signing just "PC" in the logs) managed to rundown the caches on the "Today's Ahh Milestone" trail (1 - 100) so quickly I was having trouble marking the right one found at the right time! It didn't wrap up there. After the closing ceremonies we stopped by a few more events and caches making for quite the full day.

They're on show 86 now and their fans are already planning an event for the 100th episode. There's no date yet, but it's about 28 weeks out and I'd love to be there. Hopefully I can and I'll look forward to meeting up with them and many more Listeners again!

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