Saturday, July 13, 2013

Four FTFs For a Souvenir

As most readers will know, is offering a special souvenir for &qout;Geocaching Get Outdoors Day." For my geocaching run I was planning to hit a park several miles out with many caches along a nice nature walk. While on the way many new caches publish, one just a couple miles off the route to the park. How could I possibly pass up such a good opportunity for a first-to-find?
July 13, 2013 FTFs
Well, I couldn't. So I grabbed the first one, looked at some of the others to find they weren't far either, and grabbed another three before being foiled on the next two. So my FTFs were:
  1. "(MCH) Showcase Cinemas Sterling Heights"
  2. "The 32 Bit Series #4 - Mario"
  3. "The 32 Bit Series #3 - ? Block"
  4. "The 32 Bit Series #2 - Power Star"
Now I'm thinking I've satisfied the caching requirements for the day, it's a couple hours later start on the trail than I expected, maybe a change in destination is called for. What are your plans for "Geocaching Get Outdoors Day?"

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