Monday, June 3, 2013

CacheSense version 3.1.14 for Android

CacheSense for Android version 3.1.14CacheSense for Android version 3.1/14 was waiting for me this morning in the PLay Store. The new version includes:
  1. Improved stability, fixed the issues behind the most commonly reported crashes which were occurring when CacheSense was resumed after being paused, eg. after switching to another app or the home screen.
  2. Added rotation to mapsforge maps, fixed flickering and reduced memory usage.
  3. Multiple selection popup on map replaced with list on HUD
  4. Finer control over HUD features (Map Settings | Head-Up Display)
  5. Touch point displayed on map (shows radius of touch point as fading circle).
  6. Added option to sync pocket queries at a specific time each day (Settings | Geocaching Live API | Pocket Query Sync Options).
  7. Fixed bug when creating a mapsforge offline map source, the file browser did not show .map files initially.
  8. When creating a map sources, the min/max zoom values default to 1 and 18 respectively (normal OSM range).
  9. Fixed bug causing incomplete titles on the task menu.
  10. Fixed crash in compass when CacheSense is resumed after switching to another app.
  11. Fixed the recurring bug causing Pocket Queries to lose their sync flag.
  12. Fixed long-standing issue where pocket query sync and email monitoring were not started after a device boot until you ran CacheSense for the first time. This happened when CacheSense was installed on the SD Card and with "fast boot" features on some ROMs.
  13. Fixed issue where task menu pinned & recent items did not work when switching from the demo build to the paid build and vice versa.
  14. Fixed issue preventing Compass & Radar from starting (especially on tablets).
  15. Latest German translations.
A free 30-day Trial version is also available.

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