Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We've Been (and Are) Honored!

CoinsI returned to the office this morning (following a couple days working from home) to a package from MiGO. Drie and I were honored at their Winter Social with the "MiGO Silver Geocoin Award." The award package contained a couple of silver MiGO Geocoins and a certificate which read:

"The Board of Directors of the Michigan Geocaching Organization Would like to honor
Darryl and Drie – DarrylW4 and Firefly03
With the silver coin award for 2013.
Congratulations, and Thank You.

Today we would like to honor two podcasters. These cachers are not just known in Michigan, but all around the world as the hosts of, or involved in, several podcasts – Cache-A-Maniacs, Cachers of the Round Table, Geocaching Podcast, and GeoGearHeads. The original Cache-A-Maniacs series was launched in 2007. After 260 episodes, the show was retired in 2011 with having 'a candid, uncut, and irregular interview' with 250 members of the Geocaching community. Cachers of the Round Table featured 36 episodes running from 2007 through July 2011. Their new venture, GeoGearHeads, has produced 58 episodes to this date. The Platinum Level Earth Cache Masters are also known for hosting first class events such as Cachercon 2010 and the Coffee, Coins, and Sigs events. Speaking of coins – they have over 1000 geocoins adventuring throughout the wild. All this and they still made time to find over 5100 caches. The Board of Directors is honored to award Darryl and Drie (DarrylW4 and Firefly03) the Silver Coin Award for furthering the sport of geocaching, acting as goodwill ambassadors through their podcasts, geocaching blogs, and events."

Thank you to the MiGO Board. We are honored to have even been considered for such an award for our geocaching efforts! We also look forward to activating the Silver GeocoinThese special silver geocoins are numbered but not trackable but we will be adding it to our collection of coins special to us which we carry to events for discovery. Catch us at one of those events for a look through those coins and an opportunity to discover those which are trackable.

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Nice, congratulations!