Thursday, April 25, 2013

CacheSense version 3.1 for Android

Cachesense version 3.1 for AndroidVersion 3.1 of CacheSense for Android hit the Play Store this afternoon. The new version includes:
  • Stability
    1. Fixed a major cause of ANRs ("Application Not Responding"), a bug which affected both Google and Mapsforge map screens and caused CS to often hang after opening and closing the map screen several times.
  • Maps
    1. New "Generate Smart Names" setting, if enabled, CacheSense will generate labels for caches, munzees and waypoints by removing spaces, special characters (including content between parentheses) and short words like "and" & "the." If this option is not selected then the full name will used on the Smart Name layer.
    2. New popup selection menu when tapping on a group of closely spaced items.
    3. Simplified the Map Settings, the pre-defined "Mapsforge Map File" and "SQLite Map File" sources have been removed (along with the map file setting). Offline map sources should now be created on the Map Sources screen instead.
    4. New Option to pull missing tiles from an online map source when using an offline SQLite file (eg. Locus), you can specify any tile-server map source, doesn’t need to be the same source as the offline file. Downloaded tiles are stored in the online source database (where they are available for future offline access), the offline file itself is not changed.
    5. When creating or editing an offline (SQLite or Mapsforge) map source you can now access map files on any storage device.
    6. Fixed bug where "standalone" user-waypoint detail card would show related cache from previously viewed waypoint.
    7. New min/max zoom levels to map sources, at the moment these values just limit the zoom function on the map, there will be some new functionality related to zoom levels soon.
  • Navigation Alerts
    1. Added audible alerts to compass and radar, there are 3 kinds of alert configurable via the Settings icon on the compass and radar pages, (the settings are shared).
      • One-shot, this will play once when you reach the trigger distance, it can be a ringtone or an audio file of your choice.
      • Repeating, this will loop as you approach the cache the interval between alerts will decrease as you get closer to GZ (like a tracking device). You can specify the start interval (the delay between alerts at the trigger distance) and the interval will decrease linearly as you get closer, the interval at GZ will be equal to the duration of the sound effect or ringtone. The alerts will stop once you are within 0.5 meters of GZ.
      • Voice, this option will speak to you using the Android Text-to-Speech engine. By default it will say "nn meters to target location" (or "nn feet") but you can supply your own phrase, use the [DISTANCE] token to include the distance to target in the phrase. You can also specify minimum time/distance change between updates. The alerts will stop once you are within 0.5 meters of GZ.
      By default CS includes an owl hooting (owl.mp3), sonar ping (sonar.mp3) and tracker beep (beep.mp3) under /cachesense/audio but you can use any mp3, wav, ogg file.
      You can mute and reset the alert via the new "alert" (speaker) icon on the compass and radar screens, tap it to mute/unmute and long press it to reset the alert, for instance, if a one-shot has already fired or the repeating/voice alert has stopped at GZ, long-pressing the alert icon will reset the alert so it will fire again once the distance is less than the trigger distance. The alert icon will only be shown if alerts are enabled.
      NOTE: Due to various latencies the trigger distance is only approximate, alerts are paused when the device sleeps.
  • New Task Menu
    1. Added new quick access "Task Menu," tap the CacheSense logo on the main screen to reveal a menu, the upper section contains items you’ve pinned to the menu and the lower section is your recent task history, long-press any item in the recent list and tap the "pin" icon to pin it (and long-press items on the pinned list and tap "remove" to unpin). Each section can hold up to 25 items and scroll independently.
  • Waypoints
    1. Added ability to edit non-user waypoints, open a waypoint from the Geocache Waypoints page then tap the "Edit" icon. Once a waypoint has been edited it is locked from further updates (apart from editing) so your changes will not be lost when importing PQs etc.
      You can edit the waypoint coordinates and enter an optional comment.
      The waypoints list indicates edited waypoints by showing the last edit date in red. To reset an edited waypoint , delete it and refresh the cache.
    2. CS now imports waypoints from non-groundspeak (eg. Garmin Mapsource) GPX files properly via the Databases | Import screen and the Profile | Waypoints screen.
    3. Fixed bug which prevented multiple user-waypoints being added to a cache.
    4. Fixed display of waypoint type on Profile | Waypoints page.
    5. Fixed invisible text on GPS location screen (waypoint editor) with dark theme.
  • Profile
    1. New "Found" page shows all of your found caches. Use the "Refresh | All Logs" function on the Profile | Logs page to populate the Found list.
    2. New "Souvenirs" page.
  • Import and Export
    1. GPX Import: rewrote part of the code which had caused a big slowdown in both the "analyzing" and "importing" phases.
    2. Improved support for BaseCamp, now imports all cache, log and travelbug details correctly from GPX files generated by BaseCamp. Fixed issue preventing BaseCamp from importing GPX files created by CacheSense.
    3. Implemented the "Export" function on the Track Manager and Track detail screens.
    4. Pocket Query download notifications and log entries now show the PQ name.
  • Sygic Support
    1. Added support for the Sygic navigation app, you can enable Sygic via Settings | External Applications and the option will be shown on all navigation menus. When you select "Sygic" you are prompted to choose walking directions, driving directions or just show the item on the Sygic map.
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Main screen now shows icon labels in both portrait and landscape orientation and light & dark themes.
    2. Fixed number pickers for Favorite Points and Distance filter. Filters will receive a major update soon.
    3. Fixed bug which caused image galleries (and Souvenir page) to show the wrong images or captions.
    4. Fixed log type images (white background).
    5. Fixed "Share Location" function when using German locale (number formatting problem).
    6. Fixed bug which set publish type to "do not publish" when saving a trackable log draft.
    7. Fixed refresh problem on Profile | Trackables screen.
    8. Fixed issue with night mode exiting because service stopped.
    9. Added "Log Count" setting under Settings | Geocaching Live API, this will set the number of logs to be downloaded in all places where CacheSense retrieves or refreshes cache details (including Pocket Query downloads when "Full Data Set" is selected), the range is 5 - 50.
    10. Added a prompt to the Sygic navigation function to select "Walking," "Driving," or "Show on Map" modes.
    11. Added status bar to the Profile | Waypoints screen, provides a breakdown by icon.
    12. Fixed issue with leading zeros in coordinate editor.
    13. Latest German translations.
A free 30-day Trial version is also available.

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