Friday, February 15, 2013

Geocaching version 5.1 for iOS

Geocaching version 5.1Groundspeak's Geocaching app for iOS received an update this morning. Version 5.1 doesn't include the expected support for the taller iPhone 5 screen and still has the "Found It" bug when logging event caches. It does include many new features;
  • New map toggle enables easy switching between a geocache list, map, or compass
  • Easy access to map controls, saving, and search from the map screen
  • Fixed jumpy map pin issue in iOS 6
  • Open Pocket Query without having to download all geocaches
  • Pocket Queries now shows your finds, Favorite Points, and associated waypoints
  • Improved auto-zoom on map and "Search by GC Code" interface
  • Images can now be sent with Trackable logs and Trackable details now offer photo galleries
  • Premium Memberships can now be purchased through the app
  • Added support for Portuguese and Danish
The complete release notes are available in the forums. It's a free upgrade for current owners and still $9.99US for new purchases.

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