Monday, November 26, 2012

CacheSense version 2.8 for Android

CacheSense version 2.8CacheSense for Android received an update this morning through the Google Play Store. Version 2.8 has a long list of changes according to the release notes:
  • Maps
    1. Rotating map! Added “Enable Rotation” option to Google Maps (Mapsforge soon). Note that the map labels also rotate, however the cache/waypoint/munzee markers remain in the correct orientation as do the smart-name labels.
    2. Added clustering for caches, waypoints and munzees to both map types for much better performance in high-density areas and when zoomed out, you can enable or disable clustering and set the zoom level at which it starts clustering via Map Settings. Tap a cluster to zoom in.
    3. Added map scale to Google Maps view. The map scale and zoom buttons on the Google Maps view can be locked/unlocked by long-pressing, when unlocked they will fade out after a few seconds.
    4. Added blue connector lines to waypoints for the target cache.
    5. Added “Goto Cache” context option for waypoints on the map, opens parent cache details.
    6. Tapping HUD now opens compass view.
    7. Long-pressing a map marker now sets target without entering context mode.
    8. Added “Non-Target Marker Dimming” to map settings, this lets you control how much other map markers are dimmed when a target is selected.
    9. Fixed issue where caches with “unknown” container size were not shown on map (you may have to edit the map filter once if you have this issue).
    10. Fixed bug where user-created child waypoints of geocaches in the “live.db” database did not show on map.
    11. Fixed scrolling bug on map database selection dialog.
    12. Waypoints for found caches are now removed from map as expected.
  • Trackables
    1. Trackable details screen now has an “Images” page. At the moment there is no API method to retrieve the entire gallery for a trackable so the only images shown will be those attached to the trackable itself and any images from trackable logs that have been downloaded (use the “All Logs” function on the trackable logs page to retrieve all images).
    2. You can now upload multiple images to trackable logs, both via the trackable log editor and after publishing via the field notes screen.
    3. Trackable logs screen now works the same way as the geocache log screen (same refresh options etc).
    4. Auto-visit trackable bug fixed, now updates auto-visit trackable list correctly when a trackable is no longer in your possession.
  • Munzees
    1. New Munzee code, CacheSense now has direct access to the Munzee database API, this means the map is now real-time and doesn’t rely on the Profile Munzee data (ie. refreshing the map should show your captures immediately).
    2. Captured mystery munzees now show the captured icon.
    3. Special munzees in maintenance mode now the show maintenance icon.
    4. Special munzee icons are now correctly sized (eg. pumpkins).
    5. Added “Refresh All” option to Profile | Munzees.
    6. Added capture icon to compass and radar when navigating to a munzee.
  • Field Notes
    1. Added Smiley Picker to field note and trackable logs.
    2. Added Snippet feature, allows you to maintain a list of commonly used phrases and insert them into a field note or trackable log. The Snippet list is maintained via the Field Notes Settings screen.
    3. Cancelling a new field note now deletes it as expected.
    4. Field note export (Garmin format) now uses English descriptions when using German language.
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Updated to the latest version of the menu compatibility library, there is a major change in this version: If you have a device with a hardware menu button you will no longer see an overflow menu (the 3 vertical dots), instead, all items that can’t fit on the toolbar are now accessed via the menu button.
    2. Added copy and paste of coordinates (map, waypoint, cache):
      • You can copy coordinates from a map loctaion by long-pressing and selecting Tools | Copy Coordinates.
      • You can copy and paste user waypoint coordinates via the Tools menu options.
      • You can copy cache and child waypoint coordinates via the respective Tools menus.
    3. Added “Share Location” option to all Navigate Menus, this will open an Android “Share” dialog which displays all the applications which claim to support the “geo:” URI.
    4. Navigon support, if you have the Garmin Navigon app you can now enable it under Settings | External Applications and it will appear as an option on all the navigation menus.
    5. Modified refresh options for logs, “New logs” retrieves up to 50 logs that are more recent than the most recent log in the database, “More Logs” grabs up to 30 older logs each time you use it and “All Logs” downloads ALL of the logs for the cache/trackable (and refreshes any existing logs).
    6. Log screens now support “fast scroll”.
    7. Added language setting to general preferences, you can now select English or German on the fly.
    8. Improved full-screen image viewer, you can also tap the photo in the photo caption editor (eg. when adding a photo to a field note or trackable log) to open the full-screen viewer.
    9. Fixed “No value for database name” error when tapping username on favorite list.
    10. Fixed GPX export with “Tagged” option.
    11. Nearest cache list now supports multiple selection and additional context options.
    12. You can now select the download format (Full dataset/GPX) when setting up sync for Pocket Queries.
    13. Fixed bug where Export GPX | Send to External App failed to send anything, also closes dialog properly.
    14. Fixed GPX export to Garmin devices, CS was using a format for difficulty and terrain that Garmin devices didn’t like. Also, it was exporting the difficulty value as terrain.
    15. Latest German translations.
A free 30-day Trial version is also available.

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