Thursday, July 26, 2012

Looking4Cache Free version 1.0.3 for iOS

Looking4Cache Free 1.0.3Looking4Cache Free received an update today to version 1.0.3. The release notes indicate three enhancements:
  • Pocket Queries: Complete rewrite of the gpx import. Now it needs lesser memory, but is a little bit slower.
  • Pocket Queries: Better support for GSAK and iCaching gpx files. No longer needed to split waypoints in a separate gpx file.
  • L4C now deactivates the standby timer, so the display don´t goes dark.
and one bug fix:
  • Geocaching Live: Timeout after 90 seconds, if the GC server didn't responds.
The free version is ad supported (and doesn't support offline maps) and the developer notes that version 1.0.3 moved its ad engine from iAd to AdWhirl.

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