Monday, April 2, 2012

c:geo opensource version 02.04.2012

c:geo received an update today with a long list of changes. Those listed on their website in this version are:
  • new: Live Map re-implementation with selectable strategy:
    • Fastest: Load approximated cache coords only
    • Fast: Same as fastest but try to identify the cache type
    • Detailed: Same as fast but load details for 20 caches around your position
    • Speed dependent: Automatic switch from detailed to fast at 30kmh
  • new: New markers in map and partly in lists:
    • Personal Note available (Pen icon)
    • Modified coordinates available (Flagpost icon)
    • Caches is saved on device (Disk icon)
    • Offline log is stored (Red smiley)
    • Cache coords are approximated (Encircled in Orange)
  • new: Calendar operations moved to calendar add-on (Android Market)
  • c:geo doesn't require calendar permissions anymore
  • new: Login status and find count shown on main screen
  • new: Copy, translate, forward with long press for cache- and log-text
  • new: Two preferred navigation tools selectable
  • new: Type of waypoint can be selected on creation
  • new: Day of week shown for event-caches
  • new: Static maps can be saved for waypoints
  • new: Static maps saved while importing GPX-files
  • new: Quick access to navigation in waypoints
  • fix: Deletion of outdated caches improved
  • fix: Changed internal caching for better performance
  • fix: Caches with modified coords are displayed at the modified coords
  • fix: Improved consistency for offline logging
  • fix: Removed OSM:Osmarender as it is no longer available
  • fix: Find-count not working in signature
  • fix: Keep screen on while viewing cache-lists
  • fix: TB-icons now shown in correct size
  • fix: Cache count on live map corrected
  • fix: Improved GPX import for non-GC GPX files
The c:geo - opensource app is free in Google Play.

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