Sunday, January 1, 2012

Only Once Every 1,461 Days

Our Stats of of 1/1/2012
Recently many Geocachers have taken on the challenge of filling in their caching calendars. We started paying attention to our caching calendar about halfway through the year and have done well grabbing a geocache on the few calendar days on which we'd had none (though the four winter months, especially January, are the tough ones with fewer days we'd found caches). While this has forced us to get out for a cache or two when we'd otherwise wouldn't, it has been a little like work and not necessarily for all cachers. Whether you're up for it or not, take notice that this year will be the only chance to find a cache on February 29th till 2016. The 29th of February falls on a Wednesday this year but there are about a hundred events already scheduled. As you're looking forward to the year ahead, maybe take a moment to mark on your calendar or add it to the smartphone, and make plans to attend an event and grab a cache on this unique day.

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