Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cache-A-Maniacs Listener Farewell Messages

DialAs we're wrapping up the Cache-A-Maniacs show at the end of this year we've asked our Listeners to call in with their messages. We're looking for a variety of messages from those interesting caching stories to farewell greetings for the show. Some of our favorite stories shared with us by our listeners over the years have included chance meetings with Cache-A-Maniacs guests at events or on the trail, and some of our guests have shared interesting stories with us about being recognized from their interview. Hopefully we'll hear some of those messages along with the best caching wishes for the new year on the final episode of the Cache-A-Maniacs which will drop on December 31st. Please call them in to 206-350-3647, or you can record an audio file and e-mail that to if you prefer. Please get those messages in soon -- we need those by December 4th to plan, prep, and assemble the final shows in time.

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