Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Caching & Commerce

One of the best things about Geocaching is its low cost. That is, it's low cost once you've bought the GPSR, paid for the internet access, maybe a year's subscription to Geocaching.com, the gallons of gas you'll burn, the extra wear on the vehicle, perhaps the public transit, the geocoins, pathtags, containers, batteries, and, well, yes -- there are many expenses to Geocaching. It does get us out and visiting new locations we might not have visited before and we like that it does. We're a small group using the world as our game board but we're not the only ones using it. We rely on the support from land owners to allow the community access. Many times that's simply driven by a desire to have more visitors, other times it's used to draw us in for a visit. We've seen and heard many stories of small community supporting Geocaching as they've seen an economic value from the visiting Geocachers. Whether you stop into a local gas station for a water or stay the night at a hotel, mention that you're in the area visiting for Geocaching. It's a small thing but you might be surprised how far it can go to support our favorite past time. Especially when there's a cache on their property the business owner is happy to know they're getting a return on that little effort and inconvenience. It's another way we as Geocachers can give back to the communities we visit. Perhaps their employees might remember it when they're about to dial up the local law enforcement on that strange person lifting the lamp skirt at 1:00AM.

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