Sunday, October 24, 2010

Milford Milestone Hike

Saturday morning found us on the Milford Trail for a short Motor City Cache Machine hike. The crew consisted of seven people -- TeamLegend4, searchgeek78, moosetracks82, Geoaddict, and us. It turned out to be a hike of milestones with each cacher hitting one along the way.

The first milestone was hit by TeamLegend4 on only the second cache of the outing. That 6,000th find was at the traditional cache "'Sillybillies'" (GC1580D) by Track -- a nice location this time of the year with the trees and view of the lake.

We made our 3,800th find next on a multi-cache which threw us for a little bit of a loop. Tail Mix 8 tossed in a red herring on "Milford Trail - No Trolling" (GC2F6HR) which we fell for before opening the container. We grabbed our photo near there however since it made a better location for the shot than did the final. It was a nicely done cache though which we will be remembering for some time.

Shortly after that searchgeek78 made his 150th find on another cool cache. "Milford Trail - A Little Monkey Business" (GC2ER8X) by 5*Terrain required a little climbing to be had. Another fun cache for the experience we'll not soon loose in our minds.

The next milestone was moosetracks82's 100th find which we missed along the way. If I count correctly, that would have been at "Milford Trail - Deadwood" (GC2F7DB) by Trail Mix 8. It's unfortunate that we hadn't noticed this on the trail and grabbed her photo (another cool location for a shot), but she walked right up to this one as we started fanning out for the search.

Last milestone on the trip, and nearing the last cache, and Geoaddict's 1,000th find. This was four years in the making and the only ammo can on the trail. He had a great location at "I Scream for Ice Cream (and Biking!)" (GC1RMQ4) by MorseCode762 (though I don't recommend taking the bike off the trail for anyone attempting it after reading this) for that find and photo.

Of course this was just planned as a hike along a cool geocache trail and the milestones just fell that way, but made the trip that much better. We're looking forward to more caching with the group during the cooler fall season but there's not that much time till the cold winter season and the big New Years Day event in Roseville.

All photos were taken on the iPhone 4 and processed with Photogene then uploaded directly from the phone along with the start of this posting through BlogPress.

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