Saturday, June 19, 2010

Unactivated Gifts for the Cache Owner

One of the finders (netinator) on our "Michigan's DeLORME Challenge" (GC1EBKT) cache posted the following in their log:
...Thanks to Firefly03 for all the help in the planning and the completion. We left one of our unactivated Geocoins in the final cache for you if you would like it, if not, the next person can take it as a "Thank You" to this great State.

Well of course she wanted the coin! That's like asking a fish if it would like some water. We made our way over this evening to check on the cache and grab the coin. This coin, like many of the others gifted to us, will be activated and dropping into our special collection of discovery only coins (stop us at any of the major events and we're likely to have it with us if you'd like to see or discover them).

This is such a nice way to show appreciation to our fellow cachers -- both hiders and finders. Many times we've gone out and dropped unactivated coins for the next finder or the cache owner. During the holidays we've wrapped some and dropped them into any cache which would take them in hopes they'd brighten the day for the next person to find the cache. Especially when we find a remarkable hide we like to leave a couple with the hope that the cache owner will be able to get out to claim one. We do it to express our appreciation of the fellow players and we really enjoy both placing them and reading the notes from those who have found them. This is the first left for us though and we really enjoyed the gift, but especially the thought. This one will hold a special place in our collect and of course it's a geocoin and Drie loves getting her hands on as many of them as she can.

Please drop us a comment if you've either found or placed one of these geocoin gifts and tell us the story. We really love reading them!

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