Friday, January 1, 2010

First Day of 2010

What a great way to start 2010! We hit the "1st annual New Year’s Day Meet & Eat in Roseville" (GC210GM) followed by caching with the Motor City Cache Machine crew for 34 finds, and 2 DNFs from the 112 new caches placed all over the Detroit Metro area by many of the local cachers. The event host and the hiders all put in some great effort and we were happy to find few of the caches to simple hides. Unfortunately it was a very cold day making the hunting a little less fun, especially when attempting to use the iPhone as you can't wear gloves. I was attempting to put together a video entirely from the iPhone 3GS for Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine and during the first multicache we hit were I attempted to shoot some video I ran into trouble. First my fingers came much closer to frostbite than I like, then I managed to loose the windscreen for the accessory microphone. That put an end to the attempts for caching footage as the wind did terrible things to the audio and I didn't want to risk more time without gloves for a few minutes of video. While this segment will be included in the next release of Icenrye's show, it was really more of a test of the process for some upcoming events. The cool thing about producing a segment this way is that I was able to edit on the phone as we made our way through the day, then shortly after I shot the last clip I had the finished video ready for Icenrye. I'm thinking this year will be pretty cool as we continue caching with the MCCM crew and can put together these fun videos in the field. Right now I'm pretty whipped and have an appointment with my pillow. Good night and happy 2010!

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