Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Day of Milestones

We hit the road this morning with some caching friends with the goal of making our 3,000th find. Hunting in and around Swartz Creek, Michigan we not only found our 3,000th cache, but our 1,000th find for 2009. YOGO FTF #3 - Country Carriage (GC1YHFF) made our 3,000th find and was disabled shortly after for the owner to replace the damp log. The shock was that we found a total of 54 caches today, much more than I'd expected, and hit our 1,000th for the year -- our personal best -- at We Have A Warrant (GC1JD1B). We did DNF 4 caches though and skip over a couple we decided would take longer than we wanted for a numbers day, especially being that we weren't terribly sure about how much light we'd have to complete the cache (sunset was at 5:26PM this evening for the Flint area). Probably the most memorable hide can in a great cammo job on one find (posted to TweetReel) and available below in a lower quality version:

Overall it was a great day, not because of the milestones (though they were fun), but because we were able to enjoy an amazing November day with some great friends.


P.J. said...

Congrats on reaching No. 3000!

Darryl said...


I finally got onto ItNotAboutTheNumbers and we were off by one. Sadly there was a cache double logged by Drie Saturday due to AT&T data issues and the resulting errors in the Geocaching app.