Saturday, October 24, 2009

First Midwest Meetup Results

Our Midwest Meetup event (GC1YRRG) is now in the past and boy did we enjoy it! It was the first time we've recorded an actual show with both xpunkx and I in the same location, then add in the live audience and it was really a blast. We broadcast the show live through TalkShoe and even had a summer caching story despite an issue with internet connectivity in the venue. Following the show we had the chance to meet with many of the cachers and finally met many of the names and voices we knew through the show and logs. Of course we found a number of things we'd like to have done differently (like having a mike to capture the audience reactions) and we hope to incorporate those things into the second Midwest Meetup whenever that might be.

Below is another one of these iPhone videos (shot and edited on the phone) for a little bit of the flavor of the recording.

Watch the Geocaching Podcast site or feed for the full show 126 audio to be posted soon.

Thanks to all the attendees (at least 42 by my count) for helping make the event a memorable experience.

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