Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Virtual Cache Run

We did an overnight run to the west side of Michigan with our caching buddies TeamLegend4. This was one of those runs where we (well, mostly Bill of TeamLegend4) planned this one through a Google Spreadsheet down to the minute. We had the list of caches in order with the drive time between caches and an estimate of the time to complete each of those caches. That gave us a good plan for what to hit each day and brought us in to the hotel in Niles, Michigan. Just south in Indiana we had a few more caches to try, time permitting. As we drove the route we updated the departure times from the cache to keep our schedule updated to show if we had any extra time for those South Bend caches (Saturday was the busier of the two days). Fortunately we did have that extra time, and we even picked-up an extra cache on Sunday. So our total take of virtual caches was 24 with a few traditionals sprinkled in. Here's that list of virtuals;
  1. Saturday
    1. Reclaim the Spirit (GCGG13)
    2. Proud Son (GCK02A)
    3. Cleared for takeoff (GCJG8Q)
    4. Entmoot (GC557)
    5. Central Park (GCP7K0)
    6. Big Red (GCP7TK)
    7. South Pier Overlook (GCJYR1)
    8. Frank Lloyd Left (GCK03T)
    9. Buffalo Tree Two (GCJMYD)
    10. Take Council (GCA525)
    11. Garden of Vision (GC92EB)
    12. Take a Seat (GC94B2)
  2. Sunday
    1. Believe It Or Not (GC7EFF)
    2. A Weep In The Nite! (GC96A4)
    3. Hero's (GC95C2)
    4. The Bluff (GC895C)
    5. A-lure-ing Cache (GCB02C)
    6. PAW PAW (GC9DDD)
    7. Measure Up? (GCMDQY)
    8. Chief Noonday's Grave (GCB030)
    9. Avenue of Flags (GCGZRX)
    10. The Eagle's View Longitude & Latitude Puzzler (GCJ0A5)
    11. A Capitol Hike (GCJ1N6)

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