Monday, July 13, 2009

12 of 12: Oops!

Well, I blew it. I didn't get my 12 images of the 12th of July. I started with what I expected to be a great theme -- "Geocaching Up Close and Personal" -- but didn't get more than 5 images in the series:
Incomplete July 12 of 12: Loading the PN-40Incomplete July 12 of 12: Loading the 60CSxIncomplete July 12 of 12: Signing The LogIncomplete July 12 of 12: MiGO KayakIncomplete July 12 of 12: Find Goecaches on the Oregon 300

Having been out all day left us just exhausted enough that following lunch at 2:00PM we decided to head home and take a nap. That was about 3:00PM to arrive home, but a little after 7:00PM before we awoke. That was it -- day over. Better luck next month.

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