Saturday, May 2, 2009

Podcasters on Everest

A couple of popular Podcasters will be hosting a trek to the Everest Base Camp with some of their Listeners and Viewers. The "Tips From the Top Floor" and "Rest of Everest" hosts will be tracking their journey through Twitter (including TwitPics) and the SPOT Messenger. Through the SPOT and their tracking service, those not on the trip will be able to follow their progress. Those following on Twitter will receive info and photos from their expedition.

I'm very interested in tracking their progress through these high tech tools that have fallen within reach of modest budgets (though the satellite data link for Twitter must be expensive). We have the SPOT (without the tracking service) and used the iPhone Geocaching App to post our cache finds to a Twitter account. How fun might it be for a future multi-day Geocaching adventure to run something like the SPOT tracking and the Twitter updates through allowing friends and family a near real-time view of your progress? With tools that cheap and easy (log through your phone and keep the SPOT Messenger clipped to your belt), it's now a possibility.

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