Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finding A Few Virtual Caches

Anyone listening to any of our podcasts know that we're fans of the Virtual Cache. Being that there are no more Virtual Caches being created there's a unique opportunity to complete all active caches of that type and to find some locations you would not have know about without the guide. In our case we're out to hit as many as we can this summer in hopes to break one-hundred Virtual Caches found. We have current found only seventy-five in the nearly four years of caching so we definitely have our work cut out for us the next couple months. Wish us luck!

As I sit here writing this I'm struck though by how few of the virtual caches I remember. Most of those were memorable when we found them, but now I only remember a few prior to this weekend's outing;
My guess is that it's mostly a factor of my busy, confusing life, but do you have any Virtual Caches that really stick in your mind?


Kevin said...

My first cache was also a virtual, and the oldest I have found yet. Back in 2006 I found my first 8 or so, then in 2009 I have found 140, and no virtual caches because they are getting very scarce in these parts, in fact my first find has been disabled because the owner has vanished from the game.

Darryl said...

Our first virtual was archived some time ago. Fortunately most seem to be hanging in and we look forward to completing as many as we can before they are archived. Hopefully you'll find a few at some point as well.

P.J. said...

I'm a fan of the virtuals as well. I still think bringing them back would be good, but kind of like how Earthcaches are done. Have one or two people with very strict guidelines be the publishers of these wonderful caches (because let's be honest, waymarking isn't really that fun -- it's out of hand).

As for my personal favorite -- it would have to be Babe Ruth's grave, being I'm a huge baseball history buff. Quite the place. (GC21C9)