Monday, May 25, 2009

Congrats to TeamLegend4 on Find #4,000!

While on our day of caching yesterday, with two members of TeamLegend4, they found their 4,000th cache. They made their find on the "Prairie Ronde" (GCKYRT) Virtual Cache. This Virtual Cache took us to the grave site of Kalamazoo County's first white settler. Also mentioned on the cache page was;
"It is said that this Cemetery is somewhat haunted. A local legend also has it that one of the tall spire type headstones glows on some dark nights. If this sort of thing creeps you out, you should visit during daylight hours."
Well we always visit cemeteries only during the day (otherwise you can't see the monuments well enough) so that wasn't a problem.

We cache quite regularly with TeamLegend4 who shares our enthusiasm for group caching. Sometimes you'll find either one of both of our teams caching under the "Motor City Cache Machine" name. We were happy to spend a day caching with TL4 and share their milestone find. We're looking forward to their number 5,000 find whenever that might be.

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P.J. said...

Wow... 4,000... that's an amazing milestone. And looks like a cool cache to do it on!