Friday, April 17, 2009

Printing Digital Cameras Letter on DGW

Back in January I had sent a letter to Leo Laporte and Dick DeBartolo of the Daily Giz Wiz about the past attempts at digital cameras with printers. On today's show (DGW810) Dick read that letter (as we know Leo never reads his e-mail), though he started by calling me "David Wattenberg" (my father's name) and ended by reading the URL for my photo blog wrong. Thanks Dick.

The Daily Giz Wiz is a great show and part of my daily listening. If you haven't heard it, head over and check out the show. The chemistry between Leo and Dick is different some most of the other TWIT shows and really lightens my day.

For those interested in the letter, here's that text as originally sent on January 19, 2009:

You mentioned the new Polaroid digital camera with built-in printer, but they were not the first to attempt the combo. Nearly a decade ago Olympus released the C-211Z -- a 2.1 Megapixel camera with built in photo printer. To make certain that the camera would not succeed, they used Polaroid 500 instant film though for the printer:

I seem to recall a more recent release from Olympus though with a built-in dye-sub printer. None of those attempts made it far, though would certainly find a proud home in the collection of any gadget warehouse or collector of failed photo gear.

Darryl Wattenberg

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