Friday, February 20, 2009

Geocaching Buddy Version 2.0 Released

I received a nice surprise this evening. The iPhone/iPod Touch App we use to store and solve many multi- and unknown caches has been upgraded to version 2. There's a long list (see the image to the right) of enhancements in this upgrade, among the them;
  • Integration with iGeocacher
  • An e-mail with cache info, including a link to restore the information (which will be handy to send between devices too)
  • Most description of waypoints
  • Exponential calculation (uses the "^" character for powers)
  • Icons for multi-, traditional, puzzle, or earthcaches (this makes Firefly very happy)
The upgrade is free to current users or $9.99 USD in the iTunes App Store. For more information about the application, visit the GCBuddy website.

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