Saturday, November 29, 2008

Find Number 2,000!

Well we finally broke the 2,000 find mark! Unfortunately we lost track of the finds and realized immediately after finding a 35mm film can in a tree that it had been our 2,000th find. We typically try to make the larger milestones an interesting cache or event, but its really not that important. For that matter, the numbers aren't really that important either. We just enjoy caching with our friends.

And now, on to number 5,000;
Based on your overall rate of 1.67 finds per day, you'll find number 2100 around 1/26/09 and the big 3000 around 7/19/10. However, over the past few months, your find rate has actually been 3.36 finds per day. Based on that, you'll find number 2100 around 12/28/08 and your 3000th around 9/22/09.

1 comment:

TeamWolfie said...

Congratulations DarrylW4 & Firefly03. We're looking forward to our 50th sometime this year. 2,000 seems so far away! At least it wasn't an LPC!