Friday, September 12, 2008

12 of 12 at 12mm

I've been wanting to participate in the "12 of 12" photo project for more than a year, but something has always prevented my participation. Today I finally got to try it. I added a little more to mine by holding myself to the 12mm focal length -- an ultra wide-angle lens for the DX format digital camera. It really doesn't work well for portraits, but it was a fun experiment.

12of12at12mm: Photo 1
12of12at12mm: Photo 212of12at12mm: Photo 3
12of12at12mm: Photo 412of12at12mm: Photo 512of12at12mm: Photo 6
12of12at12mm: Photo 712of12at12mm: Photo 812of12at12mm: Photo 9
12of12at12mm: Photo 1012of12at12mm: Photo 1112of12at12mm: Photo 12
View the set on Flickr.

Has anyone else done a 12 of 12 for September?

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