Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy 3rd Cacheversary to Us (Well, to Darryl)

Reflecting Head Signature Card
It's a little hard to believe that it was only three years ago that I headed out one weekend for my first cache. Drie was out of town for a family thing and I'd been dying to figure out this Geocaching thing I'd read up on. The first attempt on the "Splitting Headache Cache" (GCPNJ7), which was a colossal failure. I'd crawled through the trees several times, hunting for a box, sweat dripping from my brow on the hot, sticky day, then finally, stepped on a yellow jacket in sandals. That was enough – time to call it a day. Immediately upon returning home I showered and addressed the sting on my toe. Worn out from the effort, the pillow beckoned and I slept for about an hour. I had done some chores around the apartment, but the thought of that cache couldn't be driven from my mind. So I went out on another hunt, this time for the "Boulan Park Cache" (GCKDHN). I quickly discovered that the trees would not allow the GPSR to get a good lock, but finding the cache ended up being very easy. Energized by that first find, I headed off for a second – "Huber" (GCJ4X8) – in a local wooded park I'd never known was there. Once again the Magellan Sportrak Pro lost reception and wouldn't tell me the exact location, but I could see it from across a little river. All I had to do was cross the river and the find was mine. That first cache was right on the way out too, how could I not try for that again. After all, I'd now found two caches. On my return that "Splitting Headache Cache" was no headache at all, just a biting nuisance as I quickly signed the locg and ran out to escape the hungry mosquitoes. Not a bad first day of caching – three finds and I was still hungry for more (after another shower).

Drie's start didn't till that following weekend during a trip to Mackinaw Island. But that's her story and hopefully she'll be telling that herself next week.

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