Friday, July 18, 2008

Urban Exploration

Château de Mesen History
Château de Mesen History by Tom Kirsch
I caught an article in Photojojo today (technically yesterday I guess since its after midnight) about Tom Kirsch's Opacity web site. In his free time he's Urban Explorer and Photographer who has been able to travel internationally to capture buildings in the twilight of their existence. Its a fascinating and depressing hobby that I'd love to try were I to have much more free time, and a little more daring. Its one of the aspects of Virtual Caches which helped to draw me into Geocaching. There are even some physical caches which brought us to places with foundations from long lost homes or factories. Perhaps they don't present the stunning subject that a rotting church would, but these are lost stories within a short drive of my home. On a rare occasion I'm able to locate information about them through a Google search or description on the cache page, but in most cases they remain a mystery. Perhaps with the prohibition of new Virtual Caches, I might decide yet to try a little Urban Exploration. Is anyone game to try with me?

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