Friday, June 27, 2008

No Time For Caches (or blog post, or...

Wow! Its tough to think that its nearly July and we haven't really cached at all this month. June is always a tough month with a number of family events (birthdays, anniversaries, and more), but its been busier than usual this year with a major project at work and working on keeping up the podcast schedules. Last weekend we managed to take off a couple hours to go on a little photo excursion with some friends, and tomorrow we plan to hit the early showing of WALL•E. But following the movie, we'll be recording CRT012 and another interview for CAM. Next weekend is the Independence Holiday weekend, and we have some of the usual parties and happenings, then the project at work will start taking even more time (ick!). Its starting to look like the busy June season is spreading into a busy June-July season for us. Hopefully we'll be able to get out for some caching (and writing some more blog entries) in August. Till then, here's hoping that we'll be able to sneak an hour or two for a couple of finds in between.

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