Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tiki Coins

Mr. StoneFace
I might have grown tired of the Geocoin madness, but there's one set of coins that I'll always watch out for – GeoTikis! What's different about these coins than the majority of others is that these are each handmade little sculptures by tiki (whom we interviewed for CAM013). They have a great studio page on their website showing the lost wax casting process they go through to create these little signature coins. That's what I truly enjoy about these – they're hand made signature items by a the Geocacher rather than being a mass produced stamped geocoin. There's special meaning in that.

Bronze Stackers
This current series of coins features four separate characters who fit together. The Tiki's Stackers began with "the Subborn Stone" who according to legend, was a Geocaching that turned to stone attempting an FTF. Next was "the Following Fellow" who just tags along for the cache finds. The third in the series (and the one we for which we missed the sale) was "Fivé Fivé." This Tiki hunted the most challenging caches in the forest, and in his honor, the most difficult caches on are named five/five. Today opened the sale of the last of these Stacker coins – "Mr. Stone Face." This Tiki will not give up any hints or clues as to the location of the cache. He does complete the collection for those lucky enough to grab each of the others. In all, 200 bronze and only 10 sterling silver coins were cast of each making them very hard to find and collect. Our set will be treasured.

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