Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Trail Munchies

Here's a topic we could spend all day writing about and still not scratch the surface. I'm always on the lookout for new, interesting snacks for the trail, and that includes the beverages. If anyone has any interesting snacks or beverages I'd love to hear about them, but I thought I'd share a couple of new items we've found.

Clif Mojo: One of the best trail snacks of course is trail mix. Finding and carrying a good trail mix is more challenging than you might think (make your own if you can), but these Mojo bars are a good, easy alternative. They'll last longer unopened in the cache bag than does a bag of trail mix, and its simply a grab-and-east proposition like a granola bar. Drie loves these things and usually has a couple in her bag. We've been picking ours up later from one of the big box stores for $5.39USD per 6-pack.

Clif Kid Twisted Fruit: Ever since a friend turned us onto the original Clif Bars, we've been hooked. We carry a couple Clif Bars and Clif Shot Gels (be careful if you haven't tried these -- they make some of our friends gag -- and they must be eaten with water) on the trail with us and keep a couple in the car. But I found these Clif Kid Twisted Fruit snacks at the super market a few days ago and had to give it a shot. They're not cheap at $0.89USD per serving, but its a full serving of fruit in a single licorice-like stick. They are very tasty too – drop the price by 50% and I'd be snacking on them daily.

Nescafé Taster's Choice Single Serve: There's no chance that these things could match the home roasted, fresh brewed coffee we normally drink, but nothing short of a good coffee house can match it anyhow (and no, that huge chain does not qualify...at least not yet). I love the concept of having these little single serving tubes of either decaffeinated or regular coffee with a couple packs of powered non-dairy creamer and sugar for those times you really want a coffee but there's none handy (i.e. the camp site or hotel). The big problem is finding the hot water. I picked up a package of each (7 - regular or 6 - decaf) for $1.09USD for the trip to Geowoodstock VI. While I certainly wouldn't suggest the flavor to anyone (which is a little burnt tasting), its pretty good for instant coffee and satisfies the craving for just any cup of joe.

PowerBar Electrolytes: I don't know about you, but I don't really like most of the sports drinks. I usually make my own from the power and cut the mix in favor of more water than powder. But I love having the flavor and pick-me-up you get from them. I hate carrying around the large quantities of stuff pre-mixed though. Enter another single serve beverage mix – the PowerBar Electrolytes packs. The still have more sodium than I like (130mg per serving) but come in either berry or lemon flavors. I picked-up a pack of 8 for $3.50USD from REI a few weeks back though and haven't yet had the chance to try them. The plan is to keep one of these with me to use occasionally on a water bottle refill.

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