Sunday, May 18, 2008

My First Wherigo Tour Cartridge (part 3)

Troy Museum & Historical Village
Well my first Wherigo cartridge is as done as it will be till I get over to the museum and meet with them. I need to show them the cartridge as it stands as a "proof of concept" and see about getting their approval and possibly more information about the buildings. I stopped by yesterday to test what I had and I dropped in the coordinates for the building's zones (marked from the GPSMap 60CSx since the Colorado was drifting badly) and shoot really basic photos of each building. I suspect that this won't take very long to wrap up once I have the text, approval, and grab some photos. Wait, who am I kidding -- that will take more time than I've put into the cartridge already.

History of the trail
I'm already looking forward to the next couple projects. The first one I hope to tackle is a tour of the Clinton River Trail. One of my buddies has a list of each of the businesses along the Romeo Sub (the name of that segment when it was operated by the Grand Trunk Western railroad), and he and another friend have some photos of the railroad in action when they were in school. I hope to put that information together into an interesting reference for railfans and history buffs.

Fasten Up
The second would be a Wherigo Cache. The initial concept would be a story based around an Indiana Jones-ish adventure. You, the noted Geocacher, must brave several obstacles to find and log the cache. The concept is for a cartridge requiring more physical than mental activity and the story will be a silly parody. I want to build it as something I might have produced as a bad short movie in high school video production. There's three problems though -- the time to build it, the story for it, and the time to build it. Wish me luck!

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