Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Happened to the Cameras?

There was a time when a significant number of caches we found contained a camera for the finders to snap their own photo at the cache. We still come across a few of those, but why does it seem that they've disappeared from caches? Perhaps the newer cachers have been grabbing them thinking its for trade? Maybe its the fact that film is becoming more difficult to work with. Its certainly more work for the cache owner to keep track of the camera and replace it when the film is nearly spent. It could come down to the rate at which the larger containers have been muggled these last few years. I really miss them though -- it was fun and gave us a chance to be a little bit creative visually as we found caches.

The photo here was shot at the Bauervic Gnome Cache (GCJ7P8), now archived, of Firefly03 shooting the cache with the included disposable camera. No, she hadn't actually taken that photo, but we had some fun with this one (see the log and its photo). With such a creative and cute container, how could we not have gotten a little crazy with the photos?

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Angie said...

I remember doing this cache. Then again how can you forget a cache container that has a gnome attached to it?

I miss the cameras too!

(This is probably one of my favorite caching photographs.)