Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Coffee, Coins, & Sigs?

Going Cordless?
Its been about eight months since our last Coffee, Coins, & Sigs Geocaching Event and we need to start planning another. Normally we try to put together two each year (Spring and Fall), but this year the Spring event fell through without enough time to schedule a different venue and date before the event season began. So there was no Spring 2008 Coffee, Coins, & Sigs making the Fall event more important. It seems that even this one might be challenging though with the Geocoin Mega-Event coming up in Pennsylvania about the time we usually like to hold the Fall Coffee, Coins, & Sigs. Perhaps the Geocaching Events field is just getting too saturated for a weekend open house like this, but we'll try to squeeze it in.

For those who might not know, Coffee, Coins, & Sigs was a concept for a coffee house open house event. Geocachers could come for fifteen minutes or two hours to check-out and trade Geocoins and signature items over a cup of coffee and conversation. The first one outgrew the bounds of the coffee shop we'd selected and had to be moved to a rented hall at the last minute. Since then we don't even plan on fitting into a coffee house as we always see at least fifty people at these events and most shops don't have that type of space available (especially since you need the table space to spread out the collections and the room for people to walk around them). Perhaps we might move the event to a weeknight at a coffee shop in the future, but this next one we'd like to see back in Roseville with another great crowd.

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