Monday, May 26, 2008

The 1,500th Cache

We hit our 1,500th cache find during the "Geowoodstock VI" festivities Saturday, and while it was notable, it was uneventful. We decided once we realized that we only needed six more finds to make the "Geocoin Swap Meet" our 1,500th find, we took a break from the activities at Geowoodstock VI and hit the road for caches in the area. As you'd imagine, there were many other Cachers running around the city hunting caches that day too, and we ran into them at each and every cache we visited. Surprisingly enough we had to find most of the caches ourselves though having just missed many as were leaving the cache. As we hit cache 1,498, I discovered that the next cache had a sister just at the edge of the cemetery grounds. After checking with Drie, we hit that cache too (because you can't pass up a cache, and we wouldn't have been able to cache our back to the hotel if we waited anyhow), and made "Can you hear me now?" our 1,500th find. That was our 1,500th find, uneventful, but enjoyable, found during a mega-event.

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